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Valet Parking Service Cost

How Much Does Valet Parking Service Cost?

low costLow: DIY Approaches Include Getting Friends or Family Membersaverage costMedium: Average Around $25-$35 Per Hour Per Valet
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When parking is limited, inconvenient or difficult to find, instead of making guests or customers find their own parking, a parking service lets them give their car keys to a valet. Valet parking may be provided for a special event such as a wedding, or for a service-oriented business in a tight parking area

Typical costs:

  • It's possible to hire friends or acquaintances to park cars at a wedding or other event for anywhere from $10-$20 an hour depending on local pay rates, but among the disadvantages are the need for liability and workers compensation insurance, and the need to have someone onsite able to make decisions or smooth out difficulties if any problems occur.
  • Prices for valet parking service at a one-time private event such as a wedding, cocktail party or business conference will vary considerably depending on the number of valets needed, the length of time the service is provided and whether parking is in an on-premises lot or off-premises. Events such as a wedding, where most guests arrive and depart at the same time, may require as much as twice the number of valets. Charges for an average urban venue might run $25-$35 an hour per valet. Many companies have a 3-4 hour minimum charge per valet; they won't send valets out for just 1-2 hours at peak parking times.
  • A two-hour cocktail party for 200 guests (with an expectation of 100 cars) with on-premises parking might require 5-6 attendants for 3-4 hours for a total of $375-$840; with off-premises parking the event could require as many as 8-10 attendants at a cost of $600-$1,400. A wedding with 200 guests (100 cars) and on-premises parking could require 10-12 valets for 6-8 hours at a cost of $1,500-$3,000; and with off-premises parking it could take up to 15-20 attendants (some for only 3-4 hours; others for the entire time) at $1,800-$4,000 or more. Most parking valet services will want to see the venue before quoting a price.
  • Contracts to provide valet parking service at a restaurant, night club, hotel, hospital, airport or other business can be set up in a number of different ways; there is no standard pricing system. If a restaurant or other business wants to provide valet service free to its customers, it may pay the parking valet company a price per car or a flat monthly fee.
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What should be included:
  • The valet company should set up a valet "station" with signs directing guests or customers, and preferably a locking box to hold car keys. Most valet companies have their employees wear some sort of uniform, so they're easy to identify when their services are needed, and some companies have a range of uniforms from casual to elegant so you can pick what best fits your event or business. provides an overview[1] of valet parking services.
  • You'll need to estimate the number of guests expected to use the parking service, and over what period of time. If events of this type are not normally held in this area, it's usually a good idea to notify any neighbors about the potential for increased traffic. And you may need to apply for parking permits or arrange for a block of reserved spaces for your event. Some valet parking companies will handle these arrangements for you.
Additional costs:
  • It's customary to tip a parking valet. Usually for an extra fee the valet service will instruct the valets to politely decline any tips offered by guests.
  • In an urban location with no on-premises parking, you might have to rent parking spaces in a nearby garage; that cost will be in addition to the valet service charges.
  • Some companies offer volume discounts for groups or individuals who use their service on a regular and exclusive basis.
Shopping for valet parking service:
  • If hiring valet parking for a one-time event such as a wedding or party, ask family or friends for recommendations; wedding planners, florists and others in the wedding industry may be familiar with local valet parking companies. Referrals are available from[2] and[3] . provides tips[4] for choosing a valet parking service.
  • This is not an industry with a standardized pricing system, so get bids from several companies. Request and check references; if possible, go and use that valet service at another event or location to evaluate the valets' politeness, appearance and efficiency. Get written proof of insurance. (Many experts recommend calling the insurance company to verify coverage, because some fly-by-night companies have provided forged insurance documents.) Check for complaints with the Better Business Bureau[5] .
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Amount: $2,900.00
Posted by: ZAL GRAPKIN in BALTIMORE, MD.Posted: June 2nd, 2015 11:06PM
Number of Attendants: 8Number of Hours: 10
I had a wedding at a near by Museum and the Service i received at the event was awesome. The retrieval times were great and they had our guest feeling like VIPs. Thank you to their team and i hope you enjoy their service as well.
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Valet parking service
Amount: $420.00
Posted by: Obe khan in Houston, TX.Posted: April 28th, 2015 02:04AM
Firm: Mister valet parking houston
The most friendly staff, we booked there service they were very promt from day one. I will use them for any event or party i have from here on out. Affordable and make me look good. Thanks to Amir and the crew!
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Valet Parking Service For Event
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: Tony in Birmingham in Birmingham, MI.Posted: December 3rd, 2014 10:12PM
Number of Attendants: 550Number of Hours: 6
Firm: United Valet Inc
was very professional valet company
staff was Very friendly and fast also.
Valet attendants arrive a half-hour early at no charge to set up equipment.
I will recommend this service to anyone.
United Valet Inc.
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Elegant Valet
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: Tim Porter in Bloomfield hills, MI.Posted: May 15th, 2012 10:05PM
Number of Attendants: 8Number of Hours: 7
Firm: Elegant Valet
I have been a client of Elegant Valet for over 3 years now and am proud to say that this is the only valet service I will rely on. I have 4 sons that are all married, and this company has provided services for every single wedding and event we throw. The employees are well manored, and have always gone out of their way to help my family and our guests when a helping hand is needed.

After 3 years of service my family and I have grown very close with the owner Brian Kanona. I don't think you can catch the guy without a smile on his face. Mind you that he started this company at the age of 18 and is now 24, and at almost every event you will see him out there working.

I can assure you that if you need the most professional, trustworthy, and friendly service, Brian at Elegant Valet will not only provide you with the service you need but also a lifetime friendship. His number is 248-787-4717, call him because he will be the first and last person to ever that can be relied on for valet.
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Valet Service
Amount: $500.00
Posted by: J Miller in Phoenix, AZ.Posted: January 3rd, 2011 02:01PM
Number of Attendants: 5Number of Hours: 8
Firm: VaVoom Valet
I hired a all feamle valet company in Phoenix, Arizona for a private party event. They were fantastic and so friendly and made sure all my clients car seats were in the same exact spot when they the cars were left. I would recommend them to anyone.
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Valet Parking Service
Amount: $900.00
Posted by: Cindy "Sullivan" Mercer in Troy, MI.Posted: June 16th, 2010 04:06PM
Number of Attendants: 4Number of Hours: 6
Firm: First Class Valet Inc.
I recently needed a valet service in the state of Michigan for a wedding and after for a dinner reception located in Troy Michigan. I called several companies listed online in the State of Michigan and upon further research and several phone calls to about 6 companies I contacted First Class Valet.
First Class Valet had a quote that was around the second highest bid for our job. I hired First Class Valet because I figured I didn't want to be the next horror story on the E network or 20/20 going with the cheapest company with all the stuff you hear and see on TV about bad valet companies. The company assured me that the workers for the wedding would be respectable, kind, and in a uniform.
First Class Valet greeted all of our guest with handshakes and smiles. The whole staff was great looking even one of my girlfriends made a comment that they should of had these guys at my bachelorette party instead of the guys they hired lol.. These guys were great! I would recommend First Class Valet to anyone that needs valet services in Michigan. They were listed first on google for valet in Michigan so they should be easy to find.
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Amount: $600.00
Posted by: Joe David in Sterling Heights, MI.Posted: June 14th, 2010 09:06AM
Number of Attendants: 700Number of Hours: 8
Firm: AAA Valet LLC
Great, fast, freindly service. Came prepared with all the signage and barricades necessary. showed up an hour before the first guest. 6 attendants were more than enough with the way they organized. I will recomend this service to anyone. AAA Valet 248-798-3916
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