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Ignition Coil Replacement Cost

How Much Does Ignition Coil Replacement Cost?

average costIgnition Coil Only: $70-$375+high costParts & Labor: $100-$550
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An ignition coil is a compact electrical transformer that boosts the 12-volt current from the battery into the high voltage (15,000-20,000 volts or more) needed to start a car. Typically there is one ignition coil for each spark plug, either sitting on top of each spark plug (eliminating the need for spark plug wires) or physically connected together as a coil pack that is installed and replaced as a single unit. Symptoms of a bad coil pack include misfires, poor fuel consumption or loss of power -- although these can be caused by other factors.

Typical costs:

  • An ignition coil typically costs $70-$375 or more depending on the make and model of vehicle, if it is a single coil or a coil pack, and whether the part is made by the vehicle manufacturer (called OEM parts, and typically more expensive) or an aftermarket product from a company other than the vehicle manufacturer.
  • For example, AutoZone[1] offers an aftermarket ignition coil for a 2008 Ford Focus for $103;[2] offers ignition coils for the same vehicle for $72-$159. Replacing an ignition coil can be a relatively straightforward do-it-yourself project. AutoMD provides how-to instructions[3] , and estimates it as a moderately complex project that takes about an hour.
  • Professional installation typically takes 0.5-1.5 hours, depending on the vehicle, at $50-$120 an hour (depending on whether the work is done at an independent or chain repair shop, or at a dealership, which is typically more expensive). This brings total costs to $100-$550 or more.
  • For example,[4] estimates replacing a single ignition coil on a 2008 Ford Focus costs about $37-$49 for labor and $123-$144 for parts, making a total cost of about $160-$193; for a 2008 Dodge Ram 1500 truck the estimate is about $102-$135 for labor and $74-$120 parts, or $176-$255 total; for a 2008 Toyota Camry it's $74-$98 labor and $102-$210 parts, with a total of $176-$308.
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What should be included:
  • Coil packs can provide an extremely large spark to each cylinder when needed, but if one coil in the pack fails, the entire pack needs to be replaced. With "coil on plug" ignition where one coil is sitting on top of each spark plug, only a failed coil needs to be replaced, and when diagnosing an ignition coil failure, it's possible to swap the coils around, to determine which one is bad. Auto parts distributor 1A Auto explains the types of ignition coils[5] .
  • Replacing an ignition coil is a fairly straightforward task; the new coil should be carefully inspected to ensure it is exactly the same as the old part (that the dimensions are identical, and any holes or other features are the same size and in the same position). describes the steps for replacing an externally mounted ignition coil[6] and an interally mounted ignition coil[7] (inside the distributor cap).
Additional costs:
  • The coil wires, spark plugs and spark plug wires should be inspected when the ignition coil is replaced; if cracks or corrosion is found, replacing these parts can add $50-$350 or more to the total cost.
  • Automotive Diagnostic and Repair explains how to test an ignition coil[8] .
Shopping for ignition coil replacement:
  • A coil pack or individual coil can be replaced by a car dealership, an independent repair shop, or car-repair chains like Pep Boys[9] or Sears[10] . Both the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence[11] and the International Automotive Technicians Network[12] provide a searchable directory of repair shops.
  • Consumer Reports lists tips for finding a good mechanic[13] .
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What People Are Paying - Recent Comments
Replace coil pack
Amount: $130.00
Posted by: a user in Ellwood, PA.Posted: November 2nd, 2016 12:11PM
Car Year: 2010Auto Shop: Beatrices
Done same day, great people great service
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Cylinder 1 -replaced and hood seal replaced, All spark plugs replaced.
Amount: $538.00
Posted by: Happy Mama in Limerick, PA.Posted: October 3rd, 2016 09:10AM
Car Year: 2005Auto Shop: Kelly's Auto
Kelly's said hood seal is letting water in and it makes it's way to coil; puddle ruins coil. The check engine light came on and stayed on. Seemed to have a slight shake in idling and gas gave it no power. Order new hood seal from GM, all parts and labor total $538.
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Cylinder one misfire
Amount: $55.00
Posted by: albondigas in Ludington, MI.Posted: May 12th, 2015 01:05PM
Car Make: FordCar Model: Crown Vic
Car Year: 2004, 212,000 MilesAuto Shop: DIY
Code reading free at O'reilly. New coil $55. Thirty minutes labor (One screw).
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Ignition Coil replacement
Amount: $0.00
Posted by: nunyagdb in Piedmontq, SC.Posted: May 10th, 2015 05:05PM
Car Make: ChevroletCar Model: Trailblazer
Car Year: 2004Auto Shop:
This is the stupidest idea any car maker ever came up with. These things are ungodly expensive. What would have been the problem with improving the spark plug and plug wires? But then no one with an IQ over 99 did not need the dealer to do a tune-up or labor. What a racket!
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Ignition Coil Replacement
Amount: $55.00
Posted by: Optouter in Sarasota, FL.Posted: November 11th, 2014 05:11AM
Car Make: FordCar Model: Crown Vic
Car Year: 2000Auto Shop: DIY
One coil slowly went bad. What made the diagnosis a little bit of a challenge was that it failed intermittently before dying. The car bucked occasionally. Then the check engine light came on and an AutoZone showed the #4 cylinder misfire. Now it got easy. Replaced the spark plug and no improvement. Replaced the coil atop the plug and problem solved. However, the other igniters might be harder to replace because the fuel galley is right above some of them.
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Cylinder 7 Misfire - Replace coil pack & spark plugs
Amount: $950.00
Posted by: klh in League City, TX.Posted: October 1st, 2014 10:10AM
Car Make: FordCar Model: Mustang GT
Car Year: 2006Auto Shop: Christian Brothers Automotive
Same day service.
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